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Canva Design Ideas - Bundle (v1.2)

Arun Sarathy
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The bundled zip file with Canva's popular and lesser-known keywords, comic strip related keywords and scenes, how-to sections with a few video tutorials, and more.

If you want to learn some cool Canva tips, tricks, hidden keywords and brand codes to search 🔎, they are ALL available right now to purchase from here. Buy it now and you will get its updates FREE for LIFETIME! 😱

Note: I will send the future updated copies to your email address 📧 that you use now to buy this copy. Updates will be sent based on which variant you purchase here. E.g. if you choose to buy just the comic strip elements PDF, you will be sent all its future updates for free, but not newer updates made on other variants (keywords, how-to's, bundle, etc.)

The lovely folks who bought version 1.1 are already enjoying this version 1.2 update for free! Jus saying...🦄

Details on different variants and what you'll get:

  • Canva Design Ideas - Bundle: this is the ALL-IN-ONE Deal! If you purchase this variant, you'll get the theme-based keywords list + 10 how-to tutorials + comic strip keywords = all at a lesser price!
  • Canva Design Ideas - Keywords only: Just the theme-based keywords (with illustrations). If you had purchased version 1.1, then you already have this. This costs $3.99 as a stand-alone download.
  • Canva Design Ideas - How to's: this comes with step-by-step one-page guides (a total of 10 guides) that explains how to create or achieve a specific outcome/effect in Canva. This costs $2.99 as a stand-alone download.
    1. How to find free stock images within Canva,
    2. How to design text mask
    3. How to create polaroid photo effect
    4. How to easily find a brand's logo
    5. How to create 3d pop-out effect
    6. How to design green screen effects
    7. How to create pencil sketch effect
    8. Add drop shadow effect to text
    9. Add drop shadow effect to images
    10. 3D Text effect through objects
  • Canva Comic Strip Elements - Scenes + Search Keywords: this is the sweet deal. For just $0.99 you get a rich resource of illustrations, objects, keywords, scenes, and various techniques on how to create your own Comic books using Canva.
    • get key phrases to find different comic scenes,
    • learn how to construct a comic scene easily,
    • find illustrations you can use inside your comic scenes,
    • find tips to find facial expressions, and much more!
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Canva Design Ideas - Bundle (v1.2)

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